About Us

Like all relationships, that between a doctor and a patient works best when based on mutual understanding.

We’ve done our best to choose personnel, procedures and equipment with a view to offering the best care in the most pleasant surroundings. We make every effort to explain to you all we can about your problem and its treatments. Even so, you may still have questions, complaints or suggestions. We want to hear them-in person, by email or phone.

Rehabilitation Medicine Center of New York and New Jersey

Our patients are encouraged to contact us with any questions they may have regarding their treatment or other medical problems. The office staff has been trained to answer many of your questions and others will be relayed to your doctor who will answer them at the earliest opportunity.

We have convenient locations in New Jersey and in the financial district of New York City. Please call or email regarding appointments or any other questions. Our Contact Page provide maps and travel information.

“I think a lot of people today feel shortchanged by the kind of medical care they receive. They’re in and out of the doctor’s office before they know it. I wanted to have a medical practice that would offer patients not only the convenience of one location for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment, but also an atmosphere where the doctor takes enough time with each patient to respect their emotional needs, answer their questions and help put them at ease”. Dr. Kramberg.

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