ESPN the Magazine recently featured the Regenexx orthopedic stem cell procedure. The article by sports writer Shaun Assael, discusses the fact that many athletes are leaving the country despite simple stem cell therapies being offered here in the states. They are leaving for more advanced procedures like Regenexx-C.

Athletes constantly push the edge of science for an advantage. Could stem cell injections be the great new frontier?

Jim Bradley understands the season-on-the-brink desperation that, according to Fox Sports, sent Peyton Manning and his ailing neck to Europe this summer, seeking the experimental promise of stem cells. For the past two decades as the Steelers orthopedist, Bradley has listened to injured athletes beg him to be creative in getting them back onto the field. “In the last year, I’ve seen half a dozen guys go to South Korea, Japan, Germany, even Russia for stem cell procedures,” says Bradley, a past president of the NFL Physician’s Society. “And there’s going to be plenty more.” Read more…

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