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Rehabilitation Medicine Center is currently migrating to an electronic record system. Therefore, we require patients to complete their forms in the office at this time. To schedule an appointment, please visit the Contact Page and call the office nearest you, or email us through the online contact form.

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While our patients come from a variety of backgrounds, they have one thing in common. They have decided to confront their pain and disability, and take control of life again. From the patient with a serious disorder of the musculoskeletal system resulting in extensive functional limitations, to the patient suffering low back pain or a running injury, our aim is to treat the total person.

Although each patient’s needs, treatment and progress are different, the case of Jackie, a workplace accident victim, typifies many of the patients treated at our centers. Jackie was in her early 30’s when she was seriously injured by a fall at work. Her accident left her with paralysis in her right leg, weakness in the left hand, and severe, often incapacitating headaches. Medical treatment and hospitalization over several years did little, if any good and she relied on pain medication to get on with her day-to-day life. Eventually, Jackie was seen at the Rehabilitation Medicine Center and reports that her improvement has been “tremendous”. “Before treatment I couldn’t move my ankle up and down and now I can” she reports.” They’ve gotten my muscles to work again, and the therapy really relieves my pain and loosens me up.” In Jackie’s case, a program of ultrasound, interferential electrical stimulation, and supervised exercise, not to mention her own hard work, have helped her gain significantly the mobility she lost in the accident.

If you’re experiencing problems relating to an injury or degenerative condition, contact us today to learn how we can help.

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